Mama in the Moment is about whatever’s going on right now – usually in the realms of mindful parenting, pregnancy and meditation practice. It’s a blog inspired by the beauty of motherhood, the wisdom of spiritual practice, and the magical powers of the breath.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for me – settling down from a fun life as a joker, smoker and midnight toker into the calmer realms of family life. And then reintegrating certain parts of that previous life in a more moderate way. In this new incarnation my name is Elana Kirsh Goldberg, and I live in Israel with my superstar kids Gadi and Arya. I’m a writer, an Aussie, and a yogi. I work mindful attention into my day-to-day life as much as possible – keeping myself in the present experience, moment to moment.

I write to process my life and learn from its ups and downs – but I also love sharing stories, and hearing how they relate to others. If you’ve found interest or inspiration on these pages feel free to follow Mama in the Moment over there on the right, or join me on Facebook.

Some days we all just end up in a pile on the floor… and that’s okay. 


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