I Want to Be Like a Tree

I want to be like a tree, with my feet firmly rooted to the ground and my soul free to dance in the wind. I want to grow in both directions – up and down. Effortlessly connected to Mother Earth and drawing inspiration from Father Sky.

I want to worry less about what goes on around me and more about that continuous process of development.

I aspire to a simple existence. Water and sunshine. Friendly visitors and cool breezes.

I want my children to know that I’ll always nourish them and provide shelter, without expecting anything in return. That I will always be right where they left me, that they needn’t worry.

I want to be an active part of the ecosystem around me. To take what I need and give what I can. I want to help where possible, yet understand the limitations of my skills and my position.

I hope to end up a wise old tree, embracing signs of aging proudly. Whispering tales of things I’ve learned to anyone who’ll listen. Just as trees inspire me, I aspire to provide inspiration, in time. To present a model of a calm, strong way of being, and the freedom that can blossom from being grounded and stable.

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