The Secret Link Between Babies and Camping

In my recent musings (granted – probably fueled by some mild infant-induced sleep deprivation), it has occurred to me that there are an unnerving number of similarities between babies and camping. Allow me to present my findings:

1. Rise with the sun
The first rays of sunlight penetrate the tent, stimulate a hot-house effect and make sleeping past 6am impossible. Maybe that’s what’s happening in my baby’s brain.

2. Embrace getting dirty
At least there aren’t any mirrors in the great outdoors.

3. It pays to be prepared
I’m not sure what’s better – the feeling of triumph as you realize there’s a bottle opener on your Swiss army knife, or the day when you actually use the fourth “spare” outfit (see #2).

4. Simple meals are best
You’re gonna need to either cook it with a mini stove or eat it with one hand on your lap. Probably better off with a sandwich, huh?

5. Waking up way more often than you’d like
As if #1 wasn’t enough.

Need I go on? A word to the wise. Before you go off the pill, ask yourself – do you feel like going on a full-time, non-stop camping trip?

Luckily, I do.

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